Vein & Skin Now Offering UltraPulse Encore Laser Skin Resurfacing!

As you may know, Vein & Skin Laser Center performs many different cosmetic procedures in addition to treatment for venous disorders. I’m always looking for new safe and effective technologies to add to the catalog of aesthetic services we provide. Lately, many of my patients have been asking about skin resurfacing procedures, so when I recently heard about UltraPulse Encore laser skin resurfacing, it caught my attention immediately.

The latest in skin resurfacing, UltraPulse Encore technology with its new CO2 Lite control, goes a step beyond traditional laser therapy; this procedure provides a novel, less invasive approach for treating fine lines, age spots and uneven skin tone.  With a single pass of the laser beam, the UltraPulse Encore’s special CO2 Lite setting targets and vaporizes water in the cells of the uppermost layer of skin, revealing fresher, younger-looking skin.  CO2 Lite treats mild cosmetic flaws more gently, providing the benefits of advanced technology without the prolonged healing times often associated with older, more traditional treatments.

After becoming fully trained in the technique, I’ve treated many patients with UltraPulse, and they have experienced amazing results. It’s always a treat to see the patients in follow-up, as they’re often very enthusiastic and pleased with the results. I even had one patient say that she wished she could get UltraPulse every year because of the improvement she has seen! I’ve also had a number of patients come in for scar treatment and the results are equally successful. Scar treatment is different in that it takes multiple treatments to get the best result, but treatments are quick, not very involved, and they’re tolerated very easily.

Ultimately, I’ve found that resurfacing with the UltraPulse Encore does more than soften the appearance of imperfections – it can actually eliminate evidence of sun damage, such as wrinkles and discoloration, it can increase the amount of collagen in the skin, and it can significantly improve depressions in the skin, such as acne scarring.  Whether treating the whole face or specific areas, a single treatment provides dramatic and immediate results. The result is a rejuvenated, smoother, and more youthful looking face that lasts.

UltraPulse Encore laser resurfacing is ideal for men and women with signs of an aging complexion. No one patient is the same, so I tailor treatments to each patient’s needs according to the nature and extent of skin damage, skin type and individual requirements for recovery time. If you would like more information about how UltraPulse Encore laser skin resurfacing can be tailored for your individual skin type and specific condition, please call the office at 404-508-4320 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | March 25, 2014