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November and December are busy months at the Vein and Skin Laser Center for multiple reasons. 

First, many patients prefer to do vein treatments when the weather is cooler. Compression stockings  are recommended after varicose vein treatments for a few days.  In the cooler months,  our female patients wear  longer dresses or pants more frequently,  which helps to conceal the compression hose.   Many patients seems to travel  less during this time of year and have more time to dedicate to the treatment process.veins compression hose pretty girl

Second, patients try to take advantage of their insurance deductible policies.  Usually later in the year is more  financially beneficial for them to have the treatment because they have met their insurance deductible.


A third reason is the upcoming holiday season. Patients  are trying to squeeze in  procedures prior to the holiday season so they can enjoy the holidays more.

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At Vein & Skin, we are aware of all these considerations, and we try to work in as many patients as possible at the end of the year before the holidays.  We will even do treatments  between  Christmas and New Year  to help meet the end-of –year insurance  deadline for treatment prior to 2016. For patients  that are trying to get treatments before the end of the year, it is imperative to come in earlier than the planned date for treatment  so that we can get insurance approval.  Patients  can also take advantage of our  free vein screening offers to see if you qualify for insurance. Check our webpage for screening dates or just call 404-508-4320 to inquire about upcoming screening dates.


Call our office now to save your spot.  Our staff will help  meet your scheduling needs and  work  with your insurance company to  get the approval you need for  treatment before year’s end.  Benefit from the payments you have already made on your deductible by treating yourself to beautiful legs before year’s end!

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This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | November 4, 2015