Active FX: Beautiful Skin for People On The Go

We all want glowing, youthful skin. However, this goal isn’t always the easiest to achieve. There are a number of creams and lotions that claim to smooth skin and get rid of unsightly wrinkles, but it can take weeks or months to begin seeing even the smallest of results with these treatments. Costly plastic surgery requires hospitalization and up to a month of painful recovery.

If you want to look five years younger, but are not prepared to commit to the expense and recovery time of surgery, Active FX CO2 laser resurfacing may be for you.

The Active FX procedure involves the use of a CO₂ resurfacing laser to peel off the upper layer of skin in a fractional pattern, which affects 80 percent of the skin, leaving the other 20 percent untouched. Using this technique shortens healing time by stimulating collagen and tissue reformation in the treatment area.  As the old layer of skin sloughs off, a new layer of beautiful, healthy skin is immediately revealed.   In addition, regenerating collagen growth begins and continues for up to five months after the procedure, causing the skin to look better and better.

While Active FX works on a variety of areas on the body, it works best on the face, neck, upper chest, hands, and arms. The beams from the laser target the superficial and deep layers within the skin, which makes it the ideal procedure for eliminating almost any skin flaw, including discoloration, age spots, burn scarring, acne scars, lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

A typical Active FX session usually lasts about 20 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area of treatment.  Unlike many other skin resurfacing treatments you may have heard about,  Active FX only needs to be administered once in order to achieve results.

The process starts with Dr. Fern evaluating your skin type and the area you want treated. He may then recommend a skin treatment regimen for a few weeks before treatment, to prepare your skin for the laser treatment.

On the day of the Active FX treatment, he will administer an anesthetic cream to the treatment area to prevent  discomfort.   As the microbeams touch the skin, a small warm sensation fills the treated area.

After the procedure is over, the treated area may feel a bit warm.  In the next two to three days, the old layer of skin will begin to flake away with regular washing. After the new layer is exposed, the skin may appear pinkish for up to a week. The entire recovery time is three to five days.

Results from the Active FX treatment can last for five years or more if proper care of the skin is taken post-procedure.   Vein and Skin Laser Center recommends a proper  skin care regimen and using sunscreen regularly to give the best results and avoid regression.

Don’t wait to find out if Active FX is right for you!  Call and book an appointment today with Dr. Fern at Vein and Skin Laser Center by dialing  404-508-4320.


This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | November 17, 2014

Dispelling 5 Myths About Scar Treatment

Scars, burns, and acne are a common problem we see in our offices at Vein & Skin Laser Center.

People often think they must learn to live with scars, but in today’s world, new non-invasive, in-office treatments make that mindset a thing of the past. We find it so rewarding to be able to free someone from a physical scar that perhaps had been a source of lower self-esteem, embarrassment or discomfort.

Although unsightly, scars are the result of the body’s natural healing process. How quickly a wound heals is an important factor in determining the severity of the scar.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some great tips to help you reduce scarring in case you are injured:

1. Don’t use hydrogen peroxide to clean cuts.
Hydrogen peroxide is actually more harm than good for your open wounds. As the chemical bubbles, it wipes out bacteria, but also kills off your healthy tissue and cells. The same is true for rubbing alcohol and iodine. Next time you have a moderate to mild cut, just flush the wound with warm water.

2. Keep cuts moist.
Contrary to what your mother may have told you, tissue repair and cell growth work better and faster in a moist environment. Smear antiseptic ointment on your cut and wrap it tightly with gauze or a Band-Aid. Regularly change bandages to decrease the risk of bacterial infection.

3. Vitamin E and cocoa butter are not the answer.
Ask anyone how to fade scars and you will hear someone suggest Vitamin E. However, several scientific studies have shown that using Vitamin E or cocoa butter to treat scars offers no improvement in the size, thickness, or appearance of scars.

4. Not all scars lighten and fade.
A scar can take up to a year to form completely and even longer to disappear. The likelihood of a scar disappearing depends on its age and severity. Treating the scar gives us more control in drastically reducing its size and appearance. Raised scars like keloids usually require additional assistance to fade.

5. Don’t wait to treat a scar.
New scars exhibit the best responses to treatments. If you want to get rid of a scar, we recommend seeking medical attention within one month of the injury. By waiting, you allow more time for deep scar tissues to grow, which can potentially restrict movement in muscles and tendons.

At Vein & Skin, we use a special tool to aid in the reduction of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Known as CO2 Laser Resurfacing or ActiveFX™, the treatment stimulates collagen production and noticeably improves skin tone and texture. With only 20 minutes spent in the doctor’s office, ActiveFX™ is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle that desire a reduction in their scar, and fast.

Although it may take a few treatments, patient satisfaction is extremely high when they see the results.

To schedule a consultation, please call us at 404.508.4320. We look forward to seeing you.

-Dr. Fern

This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | June 26, 2014