This past week I got to reconnect with some high school buddies on a little beach trip.  We had so much fun catching up. It reminded me that…… 

Girlfriends are especially valuable to me as a doctor’s wife.   Enjoying the company of the girls can fill in the gap of, dare I say it, a missing husband.  Well, not really missing.  I’m fortunate he is always in town, but just not always able to be at home, 

So this little blog is a salute to GIRLFRIENDS!   

My first real girlfriend was unusual.  I had some lonely hours after school when my mother was teaching  piano, so I would run next door!  Oh, you think, how great–you had a little friend right next door.  But wait.  Not so fast with that assumption.   My friend?  A stay-at-home mom with two little baby girls!  An unlikely girlfriend for a 12 year old.  But she was a great friend to me: she made me feel that she loved and looked forward to our visits as much as I did!  I played with her kids, looked at fashion magazines with her and learned, not just to cook from her, but to LOVE cooking!  And she gave me some grown-up wisdom along the way.  

How about those girlfriends you shared when the kids were little?  That you talked to every day just to check in. During David’s surgical residency, I remember sitting on the floor, talking to a girlfriend, and feeding green beans to my first born as she came walking past. She had just discovered walking!  Our little condo was laid out so that she could walk in a circle – kitchen, den, dining room, hall, MOMMY- and she had fun walking that circle, over and over!  Every time she passed me, I handed her a green bean!  That was our dinner hour, minus daddy.  She learned finger foods and walking and had fun doing it—and I enjoyed her AND my girlfriend via the phone.  

I remember that as a starry eyed young thing, once married, I thought that husband/wife was the one and only relationship.   Forever pledging myself to this wonderful man, I forsook all others.  So later on, I couldn’t begin to  understand it when a group of women in our neighborhood invited me on a girl trip. I remember saying, “I enjoy being with these folks in the daytime, but when the sun goes down, I will be right here with my husband!”  Somehow the girls broke through this resolve. I’m so glad they did!   Beach trips let us set a leisurely pace if we wanted it or we could fill up the days with non-stop activity if we wanted that. Long bike rides together gave time for deep one-on-one conversations.    Nights were filled with laughter as we played games.   Oh,  how we laughed!  And talked!  And shopped!  Now that some of these friends have passed on, I treasure these happy times.   I wouldn’t trade them for anything!  

Girlfriends, be they your “best friend” when you’re in kindergarten, your high school buddies,  your friend you met at PTA and instantly knew that  you were kindred spirits, or that group at church, work or neighborhood, they are essential to our well-being. We know and count on the fact that our girlfriends have our backs.  I can’t even count the times my girlfriends came through:   showers, parties, meals, weddings, babies, beach trips, Africa trips, and  celebrations .  Most of the really big times in life were enriched by the love and effort that girlfriends gave. 



This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | October 17, 2017