Just this week, I have seen several patients with leg pain and swelling but no large visible varicose veins…….d3d66472-3d72-49ed-8a15-75bab12cd76a

Symptoms of leg pain and discomfort and swelling in the lower legs are often a diagnostic sign of damaged leg veins, even in the absence of visible varicose veins.  Patients frequently get used to the symptoms of heaviness, fatigue and aching and are not aware that having these symptoms is not normal.  Some large broken veins are deeper under the skin surface, so they are not visible.  Later on, the larger varicose veins will eventually appear as a raised varicose vein.

After the treatment, which is done in the office as a walk-in-walk-out-and-return-to-work-the-next- day procedure, the patient will notice an immediate improvement in their symptoms.  This changes their lifestyle and allows more normal symptom-free living.  This is one of the reasons that vein treatments are so satisfying to patients.  In fact, the satisfaction rate is 95%!

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Remember, some patients have vein disease symptoms and don’t have noticeable varicose veins.  This can all be diagnosed easily in the office with ultrasound diagnostic scans.


Call today to schedule a simple 15 minute ultrasound diagnostic scan to make sure your leg veins are healthy.

David Fern, MD





This post was written by Vein and Skin Laser Center | September 29, 2017